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05B Sprocket

CTPOWER CO., LTD. is a professional stone product supplier, specializing in 05B Sprocket. We are always ready to develop new designs according to the domestic and international consumers' demand for auto electronics products, quick updates of products, and to improve safety and security for driving.

05B Sprocket

products are intricately designed and embroidered with premium quality of threads. A team of quality examiners makes sure that only flawless products are dispatched for the patrons' premises. Welcome to contact us if you're interested in our products.
  • 05B Sprocket - 歐規05B
05B Sprocket
Model - 歐規05B

Chain sprockets
Specifications for chain sprockets for use with short-pitch transmission precision roller and bush chains specifies general criteria for ensuring correct meshing, operation and transmission of load when used under normal operating conditions.

1 pitch polygon
ρ chordal pitch, equal to chain pitch
d pitch-circle diameter
d1 maximum roller diameter
γ1 roller-seating radius
z number of teeth
γe tooth-flank radius
ha height of tooth above pitch polygon
da tip diameter
df root diameter
α roller-seating angle

For a sprocket rim in the axial plane sectioned through the centre of the tooth gap.

ba tooth side relief
bf1 tooth width
bf2, bf3 width over teeth
df sprocket root diameter
dg absolute maximum shroud diameter
pt strand transverse pitch
ra shroud fillet radius
rx tooth side radius

  1. Standard designs and production per drawing
  2. Pitch=8mm
  3. Material: Medium-Carbon Steel(S45C, S50C), Stainless steel, Iron
  4. Surface treatment: Heat treatment.
  5. Grade: International standard, ISO. provide high quality and sense of trust in customers
  6. CT POWER offer RS25~RS200 sprocket, and European standard sprocket
  7. Delivery possible at short notice.
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90out of 100based on 100user ratings